Ornamental & Cast Plaster

Ornamental and cast plaster can be designed to match any specification, no matter what shape or size.

These samples of custom-made ornamental and cast plaster are from the Dayton, Ohio area.

Thin shell cast shapes can take any shape.
This arch was cast in two pieces.

Thin shell cast coffers in a multipurpose room.

Thin-shell casting is a technique where
molding plaster and chopped fiberglass
are applied at a thickness of 1/8" - 5/16"
to provide strength while remaining light in weight.


This technique is suited for large shapes,
such as sound clouds or mechanical covers,
where you need functionality without excess weight.

Thin shell cast curved shapes create a dynamic look in this room.

Thin shell cast light fixture. Plexiglas was cast in plaster to allow light to shine through.

In the entryway at Ridgeleigh Terrace, interlocking plaster casts are attached to a grill, which conceals organ pipes.