EIFS & Prefabricated Panels


Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) are used for insulating and waterproofing buildings. The new building codes call for Continuous Insulation, which EIFS is perfectly designed to accomplish. It is like putting your building in a Styrofoam cooler. It protects from thermal loss, thermal damage to the structure, and mold and mildew issues.

Prefabricated Panels

Prefabricated panels have significant advantages when it comes to avoiding external circumstances that would otherwise interfere with plaster work. Panels can also be reused and moved with relative ease. During renovations, this allows original panels to be moved and reinstalled to suit the new design.

Panels can be designed in shop conditions to allow for a more controlled working environment to meet critical tolerances and to avoid congestion on the job site. These factors also help to speed up the process so that a project takes days rather than weeks.

Prefabricated panels can be made with thin brick (made of real brick but designed to be light in weight) or foam. Therefore, large decorative elements can be added to a building without increasing the footing or other structural elements.

Another advantage is that panels can be constructed in smaller, more manageable sections that can be fit together up installation to form one smooth, cohesive design.

The following examples of  prefabricated Thin-Brick and Dryvit panels from a building in downtown Dayton, Ohio were built through the winter months and erected during early spring.