Spray Acoustic, Fireproofing & Insulation

The Dayton Area Plasterers offer several materials to meet the needs of assorted building designs.

International Cellulose K-13 Spray-on Insulation and Sonospray "FC" - Spary-on Acoustical Treatment for insulation and sound absorption

USG Acoustic Plaster - Sprayed texture finish that absorbs sound


Spray-on Fireproofing

Isolatek Cafco 300 - Wet, spray-on fireproofing

Isolatek Cafco Blazeshield II - Dry, spray-on fireproofing

WR Grace MK-6 - Wet, spray-on fireproofing


Blazeshield II fireproofing in a high school.

Ceiling tile installed to hide the rough texture of the fireproofing.