Christ United Methodist Church

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For over sixty years, Christ United Methodist in Kettering has been evolving with the times. The latest renovation the church underwent was no exception. The old, concrete blocks in the hallways were skimmed with veneer plaster to create a clean, modern appearance. The smooth surface of the veneer plaster also helps to better reflect the light.

Smooth, two-coat veneer plaster gives these corridors a fresh, new look.

The Dayton Bureau for Lath and Plaster is funded by contractors through the Dayton area Plasterer’s Union. It seeks to promote quality work through the use of trained craftsmen. If you have project details or specifications, Ken Oren is available for questions. There is no charge to architects when the project in question is offered to local bidders. The Bureau has purchased ASTM Section C and AutoCAD LT for reference and convenience in addressing design issues. If you wish to email an item for review to, your query will be promptly addressed.

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