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What can you do with an old, rough, block wall?

The Dayton Blueprint building at 222 N Saint Clair in Dayton, Ohio, backs up to the Work Flow One building on Harries Street. The front and side of the Dayton Blueprint building had been covered with EIFS many years ago. But the back side was in far worse condition. The building was unsightly and needed attention.

The upper portion of the wall was not too bad. The brick was fairly level and the sills could be covered by back-cutting the foam in the EIFS system. Scaffolding had to be supported by shoring under the attached covered storage area.

Cement Plaster and EIFS to the rescue!

The lower wall was coated with about 1-1/4” of Cement Plaster and EIFS finish to match the EIFS that was done on the upper portion. The wall is not only appealing, the Cement Plaster gives a solid wall to protect from physical abuse.

The lower portion of the back wall was a very rough block. It had been laid up against another building, leaving rough slobbers. The block job was not all that great and the slobbers seem to be all that was holding the wall together.

The upper portion received 2” foam EIFS so it will insulate and protect the building for a long time.

Plaster can be used in many ways to offer solutions to the problems of today. Especially in an economy where existing buildings need to be retrofitted, insulated, or updated, plaster products may be just the ticket. If you have a project for which you would like to review the possibilities, Ken Oren would be glad to help.

The Dayton Bureau for Lath and Plaster is funded by contractors through the Dayton area Plasterer’s Union. It seeks to promote quality work through the use of trained craftsmen. If you have project details or specifications, Ken Oren is available for questions. There is no charge to architects when the project in question is offered to local bidders. The Bureau has purchased ASTM Section C and AutoCAD LT for reference and convenience in addressing design issues. If you wish to email an item for review to, your query will be promptly addressed.

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