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The Kroc Center is part of a large endowment that the Kroc family has bequeathed to the Salvation Army. The Dayton Corps of the Salvation Army raised millions of dollars in local matching funds to renovate the Duncarrick mansion and add additional buildings. The campus has a large worship center, banquet center and 128-seat movie theater. It also has an educational center and technology cafe, an outdoor court and a gymnasium and fitness center. The historic Duncarrick mansion at 1000 Keowee Street has been fully restored and now houses administration offices.


Katharine Louise Kennedy Brown was a prominent and powerful figure in Ohio politics and Dayton society. The family home was a mansion called Duncarrick (Gaelic for “home of the Kennedy’s”) located at Keowee & Webster streets. The Kennedy’s figured prominently in Dayton Society from the late 19th century, well into the 20th century.

John Poe Architects was chosen to design and renovate the site. The existing stucco was in poor shape and reflected many different colors and textures.

Corner detail before

Corner detail after

One of the striking features of the existing structure were the corners of the stucco. They had a smooth texture approximately one and one half inches wide then transitioning into a very heavy stucco texture.

The architect wanted to keep the corner features in the renovation - but wanted consistency in color and texture. One might think that with the decline of plaster as a commonly used material that there might not have the expertise of the past. While the numbers of plasterers have dwindled, the skills needed are still there.


On this project, the difficulties of the stucco included an unusual heavy texture, matching a nonstandard color, and duplicating the tricky details of the corners. These coupled with a tight time frame, and a late fall early winter schedule did cause some problems for the plastering crew, but the overall project is one of which Dayton can be proud.

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