Carthagena Chapel

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This is a chapel built in Carthagena, Ohio in 1906. The beautiful, curved shapes add to the majesty and wonder of the building. The problem: the hard curves in the sanctuary focused the sound back to the ground in what seemed to be a concentrated manner. Although the beauty was powerful, the sound reverberation was overwhelming.

To deal with the sound problem, Jay Hollmann of Hollmann Design Associates recommended 3/4” of acoustic plaster (SonaKrete) be applied to the upper, main, curved surfaces.

-Photo by Richard E Walborn

The manufacturer of the acoustic product was so impressed by this installation, they produced a special case study.

Accessing the areas was no picnic given the complexity of the various curves coming together. What you cannot see is the organ beneath the larger round window. The pipes were removed and the supports were covered in plastic.


These pictures show the progression of the scaffolding needed to access the curved areas.

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