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This is a study to show how some of the smaller problems are resolved. The pictures included in this newsletter come from the Dayton Art Institute. They recently has a small remodel project. When they removed ceiling tiles, they discovered “holes” in the spray-applied fireproofing. Areas through the years where various contractors or maintenance people had scraped off areas of protection to make attachments, etc.


Although they do not encompass a large percentage of the application, they present a “weak link” in the protection - creating a failure point in case of a fire. When the owner learned of the problem, they immediately approved restoration.

For small areas, the spray-applied fireproofing manufacturers have “hand-patch” procedures which are approved by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL). These have been tested in accordance with ASTM E119. When patching Dry Mix materials, individual patch areas are limited to three square feet. For Wet Mix materials, the areas are limited to one square foot.


In this particular application (forty to fifty square feet of damaged protective covering), some of the areas exceeded the three square feet limitation. In addition, the quantity and location of the individual areas made a spray application viable and necessary. The contractor brought in enough people, equipment, and protective covering to make a clean repair - in and out in one day.


If you have questions or concerns on spray-applied fireproofing, or other construction concerns, Ken Oren is available to be of assistance.

The Dayton Bureau for Lath and Plaster is funded by contractors through the Dayton area Plasterer’s Union. It seeks to promote quality work through the use of trained craftsmen. If you have project details or specifications, Ken Oren is available for questions. There is no charge to architects when the project in question is offered to local bidders. The Bureau has purchased ASTM Section C and AutoCAD LT for reference and convenience in addressing design issues. If you wish to email an item for review to, your query will be promptly addressed.

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