Oregon District Project

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This historic building had undergone a fire several years ago. To protect the building, the owner had covered the face with metal siding which did not fit the ambiance of the surrounding buildings. When strong winds tore off some of the siding, and the owner went for permits, the city convinced the owner it was best to bring the look of the building in line with the neighborhood.

This is where Kyle Zepernick with the Oregon Group got involved. His ideas met the design criteria of the Oregon District and brought the project forward. Following are before and after pictures - with some of the detail involved. 

If you wish to know how plastering can help you with your design, feel free to call Ken Oren.

Building after wind damaged the metal siding, picture shows temporary tarping.

Framing behind tarps indicates charring from the fire.

Various elements used by Architect to achieve the desired design.

New metal frame fastened back to sound structure to give solid backing to new fascia. It spans the first floor which is to be renovated in a future phase.

The Dayton Bureau for Lath and Plaster is funded by contractors through the Dayton area Plasterer’s Union. It seeks to promote quality work through the use of trained craftsmen. If you have project details or specifications, Ken Oren is available for questions. There is no charge to architects when the project in question is offered to local bidders. The Bureau has purchased ASTM Section C and AutoCAD LT for reference and convenience in addressing design issues. If you wish to email an item for review to kenoren@plasterinfo.org, your query will be promptly addressed.

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