Springfield Church Renovation

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Today’s qualified plasterers are active and available to make a difference with the many challenges construction projects bring forth. This article focuses on a church in Springfield which had been damaged by water and neglect. The plaster ceiling had been covered with glue on tile.

The before pictures do not show the extent of the damage to the plaster. After the scaffold was built, it was apparent that more plaster had to be removed and replaced. All the upper tile was removed and the entire existing ceiling was skim coated to give a fine new plaster finish.
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You can see the badly damaged plaster at hole. The other plaster had glue from the stick-on tile.
The configuration of the ceiling made the design of the scaffold doubly important.

Several stainglass windows surround the sanctuary.

To accommodate the work a “dance floor” was built with a rolling scaffold placed on top.

Tall, rolling scaffold on the dance floor for high areas.

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