Ornamental Fireplace Mantle

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Greetings from the plaster industry. A family in Oakwood wanted to build an addition with features to match the existing home. These features included a carved stone fireplace mantle and Corinthian column entrance. To achieve this work, the plasterers first coated the existing features with a rubber mold then created a removable “house” (support encasement). […]

Columbus Statehouse 1996

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In 1996, the Columbus Statehouse underwent restoration to repair water damage and deterioration to the landmark that was constructed during the years of 1839-1861. Much of the original plaster work was salvaged and a variety of the mold patterns and designs were used to cast new ornamental pieces.  Cast ornamental plaster pieces Finished egg & dart cast pieces Installing new member run molds Setting new […]

Christ United Methodist Church

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For over sixty years, Christ United Methodist in Kettering has been evolving with the times. The latest renovation the church underwent was no exception. The old, concrete blocks in the hallways were skimmed with veneer plaster to create a clean, modern appearance. The smooth surface of the veneer plaster also helps to better reflect the light. […]

Dayton Blueprint

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What can you do with an old, rough, block wall? The Dayton Blueprint building at 222 N Saint Clair in Dayton, Ohio, backs up to the Work Flow One building on Harries Street. The front and side of the Dayton Blueprint building had been covered with EIFS many years ago. But the back side was […]

South Campus Miami Valley Hospital & Franklin County Courthouse

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For decades, plaster ceilings have been suspended using 1-1/2” and 3/4” channel. The 1-1/2” is suspended from the deck, beams, or joists using 8ga. hanger wire and is usually spaced around 3’oc. I say usually because the spacing must be changed based on the span and the weight of the ceiling to be suspended from […]